TIFONE Variable Propeller: Quick Adjusting

• Quick adjustment of Air Volume and Power of Spray penetration (in a few seconds).
• For a “dosed” spray power and a minimized Air drift, in Winter and Summer.
• With a saving of spray mixture (pesticides) up to 30/40/50%, and more, according to care.
• And a proportioned saving of tractor fuel.

Propeller Adjustment is Easy and Fast

  1. Loosen the large Red Nut one turn to unlock the Adjusting Cup
  2. Rotate the Cup for adjustment request
  3. Back to tighten the large Red Nut to block the Adjusting Cup again.
Propeller Adjustment is Easy and Fast

Air Volume and Power Penetration are instantly adjusted

The TIFONE Propeller is adjustable:
  1. For any type of Plantation
  2. For every Vegetative stage
  3. For a Minimized Spray Drift
  4. For a zero Dripping on ground
  5. For most effective Spraying and
  6. Economical
  7. Maximally Respectful of the Environment

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Remember to Adjust the Air Propeller at any new Spraying to avoid large spray mist dispersion by Air Drift

If you will do a Propeller adjustment for a correct Air Volume during the 4 Spray Seasons, At Year End you will have accumulated a GREAT SAVING!
WINTER Adjust the Propeller on 1 / 1,5 ~
EARLY SPRING Adjust the Propeller on 1,5 / 2 ~
SPRING Adjust the Propeller on 2 / 2,5 ~
SUMMER Adjust the Propeller on 2,5 / 3 ~

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