Two Cannons 65s, Counter-Rotating

1) The Two Cannons are exactly of equal great power.
2) Each independently adjustable, from the tractor seat.
3) Both Cannons with local "soft spray" output, for delicate crops such as flowers and others.
4) Local "soft spray” output with automatic repositioning, Left and Right.
5) Spraying Row crops, both sides R & L:
- With a spray reach up to 35 + 35 m (m = 70 totally), in Open field, with no wind.
- With a spray reach up to 45 + 45 m (m = 90 totally), in Greenhouse.
6) For Spraying on both sides tallest trees, as Poplar trees and alike.
7) Powerful Bilateral Electrostatic Charge (E±S+), widespread by a Apex-tripod polarizer, free from short circuits.
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