07 - Vector Vip Line Pulled

Want a Trailed sprayer that slides freely on the softer mud, without sinking an inch?

The most Compact Functional Air sprayer in the TIFONE range.
  • Frame with rounded bow and keel band. Total protection to the ground.
  • Large mechanical Tank Content meter.
  • Suction probe for instant dosing of pesticides. 
  • Powerful system suitable for powders, granules and liquids.
  • instantly Adjustable Propeller. Air Volume and spraying Power is adjusted in 6 sec. For the control of Air drift.
  • All commands-functions are located on the left side to ensure maximum safety for the operator.
  • High efficiency Top deflector for a precise adjustment of spray pattern.
  • Selecting Valve for instant circuit flushing at end of spray day.
  • Pressure regulator "Exact". With Autofilter, integrated: the self-cleaning filter automatically continuously flushed.
  • The Vector Vip line mounts a complete series of spray Fans and spray Blowers for any type of Vineyards, Trees Plantations and Row crops, in open field and in Greenhouse.

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Some Strong Points

Frame with hemispherical bow and keel anti mud.

Tank content meter, large size.

Sucking Thief “F2” Instant Sucking any Pesticide: Liquid, Dust or Granulate, from the original bottle or sac.

Air volume and spray power adyustable in 6 sec.

Controls. For the best operator’s comfort and safety all controls are situated on the left side of the machine.

Top Top Deflectors for the precise adjust of vertical Spray pattern.

Selective valve for circuit flushing.

Telecontrol autofilter “Exact” with integrated self-clean pressure filter.

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