06 - Storm Personal Line Pulled

The Storm Personal line is characterized by its Double Frame, granting it sturdiness and indestructibility.

TIFONE Air sprayers with Double Frame, complete Keel, Mud scrapers, Sucking Probe for Pesticides dosing in Security and others.


• Tank in HD Polyethylene: 600-800-1000-1500-2000 litres.
• Fresh water container, for fast the Circuit flushing.
• Hand washing tank.
• Double Frame.
• Wide keel, from front to rear.
• Semi axles: adjustable in width and height.
• Drawbar: adjustable in length and height.
• Sucking Probe for Pesticides.
• Pressure regulator Telecontrol Exact: constant pressure facility.
• Autofilter: The continuous automatic flushing filter. Always free.
• integral Hot dip Galvanization, and other exclusive benefits.


The Air Sprayers of the STORM Personal Line are suitable for the spraying of various Trees Plantation: Citrus, Bananas, Chestnuts, Cherries, Hops, Almonds, Mango, Apples, Walnuts ,Hazelnuts, Pecan nuts, Olives, Pears, Peaches and Plums, etc. and Row Crops, in open field and in Greenhouse.

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Some Strong Points

Frame with double structure.Large strong protective bottom keel, integrated mudscrapers and fully adjustable axle.

Spray tank TIFONEAdvanced Technology in HD Polyethylene, with large tank content meter for an easy reading control.

Sucking Thief “F2”Instant Sucking any Pesticide:Dust or Granulate, from the original bottle or sac.

Propeller adjustable instantly. Air volume and spray power adyustable in 6 sec.

Tangential emission spray nozzles AX-2, (15°- 30°). Integrated check valve (TIFONE patent).

Fresh water container. Large capacity, totally separated from tank.

Telecontrol autofilter “Exact” with integrated selfclean pressure filter.

Remote controls from tractor.

All Storm Personal Line models

The Spray Fans of the Storm Personal Line.


TURBOFAN AA Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

TWIN TURBOFAN 32x32 Counter-Rotating

TORRE 32/180 AA Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

TORRE 36/210-AA Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

Storm Personal, Double Turbines




DUAL FRUTTETO Spray HEADS Counter-Rotating

CANNON 65s Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

CANNON 65s - DS - Horizontal Orientation

2 CANNON 65s Dielectric Counter-rotating (E±S+) Ready

Dual "T" CANNON Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

CANNON FLEXIGUN 50s Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

CANNON FLEXIGUN 65s Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

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