05 - VRP Line 800 and 1000 L 3-Point Hitch

Want a tractor Mounted sprayer, large capacity, but compact and full option?

Extra-robust Frame, impact-resistant. With a full base
  • Tank content meter by mech. index on large scale.
  • Autofilter: Automatically continuously flushed. Always free and clean.
  • Powerful mixing. Sedimentation free.
  • Total utilization of the tank content.
  • Rinsing water tank, integrated.
  • Hand washing tank, integrated
  • Filling hole on the left side.


Once equipped with the appropriate Spray Head the VRP Line is suitable for spraying of any type of Trees Plantation and Row crops.

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Some Strong

Double frame: totally impact-resistant.

Mechanic Tank Content Meter.

Clean Water Tank for Circuit Flushing.

Hand Washing Tank.

instantly Variable Propeller. Air Volume and spraying Power are adjusted in 6 sec time.

Telecontrol "Exact" with Autofilter. The automatic continuous self-flushing filter.

All VRP Line models

The VRP Line, with "Adjustable Propeller" Spray Fans


TURBOFAN AP Rear air intake

TORRE 32/180 AA Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

TORRE 36/210 AA Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

VRP line, "Dual Turbine" Spray Blowers

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