10 - Cobra Line Self Propelled Self Propelled

Want a Self propelled sprayer, 2000 L, high-tech, low profile, compact, more powerful, more complete and more very drive comfortable?

The Self Propelled Air Sprayer: AGILE, POWERFUL and SAFE. No comparison worldwide!
VM-Detroit diesel Industrial D754 TE3-4-Cyl. Turbo intercooler, liquid-cooled, 95 hp (70 kW)
Anti-twist cage structure. Fully hot dip galvanized with rubber mounts interface the for vibration free cab.
  • Totally round Bow, Hemispheric Keel. Great front and side visibility. Front and Side wipers. 
  • The cabin has its own spring suspension.
  • Elevating Cab up to 21 cm. instant control from the dashboard.
AIR CONDITIONING. With Charcoal filter, replaceable in 1 min. 
Touch screen dashboard: 4 Monitors to control Engine, Steering, spraying, and Lights.
  • Incomparable riding comfort on any terrain.
  • Chassis Suspension: Parabolic leaf springs on both axles.
  • Cab suspension. On forklift roller guides and on a parabolic leaf spring.
  • Suspension of driver's seat: Rubber pads.
Lighthouses of great power. Built in.
  • Pullout Lights Front and Rear.
  • Totally adjustable.
  • For night spraying 
COMBINED TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic + Mechanical.
GEARBOX 2 speeds. With continuous variation from 0 to 9 km/h (operational) and from 8 to 36 km/h (transfer)
THREE Steering Modes:
  • Front steering only: for on public road driving.
  • Front and Rear steering: For use in the field,
  • Side Steering (crab): For use in the field, for immediate release and without damage to crops in the event of sliding against a trees' row.
  • Minimum TURNING RADIUS: 1.4 m (inside). The machine runs in the spaces in between and closer rows.
TIRES 31- 15.5 / 15
TANK capacity: 2000 (2100) litres, Polyethylene, fully smooth also inside.
THREE Tank Content indicator: In Cab, on Left side and on the Right side
FLUSHING Plant for spray circuit: with 90 litres tank.
Hand washing TANK, 37 litres
TIFONE SPRAY PUMP: TEA-110, 50 bar, 3 diaphragms, bronze connecting rods, heads and outlet fittings in brass. Other models up to 200 litres / min
Integrated Pressure "Autofilter": automatic continuous-self-flushing. Always free... Never, Never to be cleaned!
TRIPLE MIXTURE MIXING: Jet-Mixer, Dual-Mixer and a Pressurized jet.
VACUUM PROBE "F2": instant dosing of pesticides with no contact of operator.

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Some Strong Points

Safety Cab and Chassis in steel, hot dip galvanized.

Digital dashboard with 4 touch screen monitors.

Spray mixture tank capacity 2100 litres, Polyethylene.

Efficient Vacuum Probe "F2" for the instant dosing, mixing and discharging of pesticides into the spray tank. No personal contact of the operator.

Great Ground clearance. Wide Cradle protecting transmission from ground pruning and others.

Pressure regulator "Telecontrol Exact".

Rear view Channel from the back edge of Cab, with colour camera.

Big Tank for a fast flushing of spray circuit and tank.

Rear side and Bumper are swell rounded for easy entry and exit from the narrowest rows.

Triple elastic suspension. Parabolic leaf spring suspensions of the machine and of cab itself.

Cab section hemispherical rounded.

All Spray Heads of Cobra Line: Axial and Radial Propeller

The Cobra with Axial Fan


TORRE 32/160 AA Dielectric
(E±S+) Ready

TORRE 36/210 AA Dielectric
(E±S+) Ready

Cobra line: Radial Blower TIFONE


CANNON 65s Dielectric
(E±S+) Ready

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