01 - V€NTO Line K300

The "entry level model" with a good quality - price ratio

Specialized Spraying Equipment for the Pest and Vector Control
Integral Autonomous Spraying Cannon units for the Pest Control, the Environmental Sanitation and Deodorization and Dust Abatement.

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Some Strong Points

Integrated Hose Reel with 50 m hose, high pressure, smooth sliding, oil-resistant, high-pressure Hand lance Mitra: 2-lever function, adjustable jet - mist.

Compact. Thanks to its reduced size it can be carried by all pick-ups.

Automatic system for the washing - flushing of spraying circuit.

Micrometric Exact Pressure regulator. Constant pressure.

Ergonomic push-button, full function. Wireless.

Spotlight: rubber body, chemical resistant, heavy glass screen, instantly clean.

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