05 - Citizen Big Line

Tank capacity: 1000, 2000, 3000 litres. 90-110 HP

Cannon Sprayer for a very high performance.
Very Powerful Autonomous Unit, integral version, for the Vector and Pest Control, the Environmental Sanitation and Deodorization and Fast Dust Abatement.


Available also for 3 different density of spray mist, with instant selection by push button, you can get:

  1. LOW DENSITY spraying, for preventive spraying,
  2. Medium DENSITY spraying, for regular spraying
  3. HIGH DENSITY spraying, for areas with large infestation and long-range.

The 3-density spraying system is a TIFONE idea.

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Some Strong Points

Powerful Cannon "Techno" with feeding lines and cables fully protected. Full free pointing, vertically and horizontally. Spray range up to 40/50 meters.

Automatic spray "back and worth", vertically and horizontally, for any desired angle, instantly programmable.

Main tank with a Large mechanical content meter. Great visibility, easy reading.

Micro dosing Pump. To set up different sprays with an immediate selection.

Selective activation of the Spray nozzles: 3 different spray mist densities: Low Density, Medium Density and High Density.

Thermo-Fog Aerosol. A very fine fog, high density, high diffusion, full penetration System.

Full function, lightweight, ergonomic TIFONE Push-button, fully operated in "tip of the thumb." Wireless.

All models in the Citizen Big line

Radial Blower TIFONE


Citizen Big DL-52-K1000 (52hp - 1000L)

Citizen Big DL-67-K1000 (67hp - 1000L)

Citizen Big DL-91-K1000 (91hp - 1000L)

Citizen Big 110-K1000 Air
(110hp - 1000L)

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