04 - Citizen Line K400-500-600

Engine and Cannon 27, 36, 52, 67 HP

High Performance Cannon spraying Equipment
Autonomous Unit, integral version, for the Pest and Vector Control, the Environmental Sanitation and Deodorization and Fast Dust Abatement. Carried by any pick-up model and brand, domestic and foreign.


Available also for 3 different density of spray mist, with instant selection by push button, you can get:

  1. LOW DENSITY spraying, for limited targets, for preventive spraying,
  2. Medium DENSITY spraying, for regular spraying
  3. HIGH DENSITY spraying, for areas with large infestation, and long-range spraying. The 3-density spraying system is a TIFONE idea.

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Some Strong Points

Tank in Algae resistant Green PE with a large mechanical content meter. Tank capacity: 400, 500 and 600 litres.

Powerful "High Tech" Cannon with spray range over 30 meters.

Automatic "back and worth" spray function, with programmable active angle.

Ergonomic TIFONE push-button Wireless: all functions, controlled in "tip of the thumb".

Selective activation of the Spray nozzles: 3 different spray mist densities: Low Density, Medium Density, High Density.

Micro dosing Pump: To perform differentiated sprayings with a Minimal quantity of spray mixture.

Thermo-Fog Aerosol. A very light fog: high density, high diffusion and total penetration System.

All Models in Line Citizen K400-500-600

Radial Blower TIFONE


Citizen DL-27-K400 (27hp - 400L)

Citizen DL.36-K400 (36hp - 400L)

Citizen DL-27-K500 (27hp - 500L)

Citizen DL-36-K500 (36hp - 500L)

Citizen DL-52-K500 (52hp - 500L)

Citizen DL-67-K500 (67hp - 500L)

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