02 - iCAT Line

Silenced, Powerful, Convenient = Winner!

Cannon Air sprayer specialized for the Vector and Pest Control, the care of the Green areas, Public And Private, and for the Deodorization of Landfill sites. Ideal for mounting on small pick-up, 2/4 doors, with capacity of 550 kg. or more.


Totally controlled by push-button, from the driving seat (engine start, progressive acceleration and engine stop, opening-closing spray delivery, cannon pointing).


  • Gasoline Engine
  • More powerful: 13 Hp
  • Lighter
  • Quieter
  • Air cooled
  • Easy daily maintenance
  • Annual review economical

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Some Strong Points

Cannon Flexigun omni-directional with Autotensor + Anti shock system.

With 4 Ceramic nozzles open / closed individually.

Tank 315 litres, Polyethylene HD, red colour algae resistant, shaped for minimal space.

Leave large open spaces for other tools on the floor of the pickup.

Totally controlled by push-button, from the driving seat.

Hand lance Mitra Super.

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iCAT: Radial Blower TIFONE

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