BK 13-300
(13hp - 315L)

Winning Features:
  1. New Engine Kipor, 13-hp, gasoline, air-cooled. Very low noise level (-10 decibel less than diesel version).
  2. Pump with 3 membranes Viton, bronze connecting rods, 43 lt. / Min. - 40 bar. It can feed two big spray Lances.
  3. Tank 315 litres, Polyethylene HD, red colour algae resistant, shaped for minimal space.
  4. Leave large open spaces for other tools on the floor of the pickup.
  5. Cannon Flexigun omni-directional with Autotensor + Anti shock system.
  6. With 4 Ceramic nozzles open / closed individually. = 4 ATR Orange (pressure 10 bar) x 1,39 = 5,56 l/min, DM50 57µm Other nozzles, of greater or lesser flow rate, available on request.
  7. Maximum Cannon spray range up to 15-18 meters.
  8. Fast flushing circuit, complete with dedicated tank.
  9. Great job performance (two machines in one):
    - Pressure Pump Function, with Hand lance Mitra Super long range, adjustable + 50 m of high-pressure hose, and
    - Cannon Function, for the major work.
  10. The machine is built to safety standards in accordance with the Machinery Directive and with CE Mark and with Certificate of Conformity.
  11. Easy unlocked and downloaded: the pick-up is free in just 30 seconds!