CANNON 65s - DS - Horizontal Orientation

The advanced solution for spraying in Greenhouse, even if non-aligned, due to its wide Horizontal pointing facility.


Some PLUS:

  • The spray angle is adjustable on the Horizontal up to 45°, right and left.
  • Useful Spray range up to 35 m in open field, and up to 45 meter in Greenhouse.
  • With an additional side outlet “soft spray", for sensitive crops, such as flowers and others.
  • The “soft spray" side outlet is angle adjustable and with automatic repositioning, when turning the Cannon right or left, and vice versa.
  • Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) TIFONE, powerful, and very effective indeed.


With TIFONE High Technology for minimizing Drift and ground Dripping.

  • Mouthpiece "Great Guide", for a compact spray jet.
  • Spraying angle, vertical and horizontal, micrometric remote adjusted from the tractor.
  • The Cannon is fast turning Right or Left, to take full advantage of the wind.
  • Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) TIFONE, high efficient anti-drift, with a fantastic effect in Greenhouses.
CANNON 65s - DS - Horizontal Orientation