CANNON FLEXIGUN 50S Dielectric (E±S+) Ready

With ANTI-DRIFT + ANTI-POLLUTION Technology: Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)


The CANNON FLEXIGUN 50s is equipped with an Omni-directional mouthpiece, Long Spray Range and that you can point in any direction:

  • Vertically up to 200°. Horizontally up to 300 °, and beyond.
  • Pointing is by remote push button, wired or Wireless.
  • Orientation also of the entire Cannon, via hydraulic cylinder (option).
  • The mouthpiece has a special additional Ventral outlet for a "Wide pattern" spraying, with its own nozzle and ON / OFF closure.
  • The Wide pattern function produces a much broader spray, useful for the rapid spraying of large Hedges, Grading, Canals, and the like.
The CANNON FLEXIGUN 50s is suitable for the spraying of any type of Trees Plantations, Row crops or Shrubby.
The CANNON FLEXIGUN 50s has a spray range up to up to 28 m in Open field and up to 35 m in the Greenhouse.


The CANNON 50s - Dielectric is ready for the TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+), High Polarisation System, granting:


  • A most comprehensive spray coverage, including the less exposed surfaces.
  • High reduction of spray mixture,
  • Drastic reduction of losses due to drift: Aerial, Lateral and to Ground,
  • Avoiding dispersion of spray mist outside, at the end of Greenhouse.
  • with Great Savings of pesticide and time for less tank refilling, up to 50%...and more, depending on the attention of the operator.