CANNON 45s Dielectric (E±S+) Ready


Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)

The CANNON 45s - Dielectric is presenting special features:


  • Advanced aerodynamics Technology, for a large spray range,
  • Made of HD-Polyethylene (Dielectric),
  • Symmetric design, therefore spraying at the same height, R & L, 
  • With a Second outlet ""Soft Spray"" for the soft spraying of vegetation nearby, 
  • The "Soft Spray" outlet is angle adjustable and it is Automatic repositioning at Right and Left.

Adjustable elevation angle: Manual; With hydraulic cylinder, up to 90 °; or With hydraulic motor, up to 200 ° and vice versa.

IMPORTANT: The version with hydraulic motor offers the great advantage of to be able of spraying always with the wind, for the maximum spray range.

The CANNON 45s - Dielectric is available in 2 Versions: "XL" and "XV"-Super, with a spray range up to 25 m and 30 m respectively on open field and up to 36 m in Greenhouse.


The CANNON 45s - Dielectric is ready for the TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+), High Polarisation System, granting:


  • A most comprehensive spray coverage, including the less exposed surfaces.
  • High reduction of spray mixture,
  • Drastic reduction of losses due to drift: Aerial, Lateral and to Ground,
  • Avoiding dispersion of spray mist outside, at the end of Greenhouse.,
  • with Great Savings of pesticide and time for less tank refilling, up to 50% ...
  • ..and more, depending on the attention of the operator.