Add-On-8,5 Litres

This is the way to add the Thermal Fog function to standard Cannon Driven, Wet Mist Air Sprayers.
  • This solution is adding to the Wet Mist Air Sprayer the same 5 Modes as in the Combined version above with the only difference of a smaller Thermal Fog Mixture tank (8,5 litres) 
  • Consumption: from 15 to 45 L/h, according to Cannon power where it Will be added.
The Add-On-8,5 Litre, added to a Cannon Driven unit, allows all 4 ways of Thermal Fog intervention: 
1. Cannon Driven Thermal Fog itself for a positive pointing long ranges launching. 
2. Aerosol Thermal Fogging, by Hand flexi-hose, for Warehouses, Greenhouses, Sewers, etc.
3. Aerosol Thermal Fogging Cup, for forcing injection into sewer's manhole.
4. Free Fog Émission in closed areas or in the open Environment.
Add-On-8,5 Litres