TORRE 28/150 AA Hot dip galvanized.



  • Propeller Adjustable 6 sec.
  • Symmetric Distribution, Right-Left.
  • Wide Top Deflectors. 
  • Anti-drift nozzles.


The TORRE AA-28/150, Front side intake: Not sucking powder or leaves from the ground.
No recirculation of any spray mist.


Granting a "clear" spraying to leaves and fruits,


The TORRE AA-28/150, is available in two versions: Version "XL" (22,000 mch) and Version "XV"-Super (35,000 mch).


"Lower speed" Flows. Straightening vanes guided spraying flows. Minimized turbulence and Minimized drift.


The TORRE AA-28/150, is suitable to spray vineyards an similar crops.


ULTRA COMPACT shape, Totally Rounded, suitable for limited row spacing Plantations.

The Tower TORRE AA-28/150 by TIFONE, presents important advantages, typical of the system:


  1. Symmetric Distribution to Right and Left, 
  2. Symmetric Distribution from the 4 quadrants,
  3. Top Top deflectors great-drive, adjustable,
  4. Variable Propeller with Air Volume and Power Penetration instantly adjustable on the field.


All very positive Features reducing spray mixture losses: by Lateral drift, Top side air drift, and drip to the ground.


The TOWER fan sprayer is today the most technically advanced and cost-effective - best profitable solution for pesticide spraying to trellis Vineyards and similar crops.

TORRE AA 28-150