SPRAY HEAD "COMBI" Single with (E±S)



  • Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)
  • Full Angular Adjustment, from the tractor.
  • Anti-.Drift Nozzles.


The COMBI Single Spray Head consists of a Orchard Head and a Cannon Head.


The Cannon head can be equipped with Electrostatic Charge (E±S+)


The COMBI Spray Head is Available in 2 Versions: "XL" and "Super XV-", with a greater spray range.


The COMBI Spray Head is suitable to spray any type of High Trees Plantations, Row crops of Shrubby.


The two Spray heads, Orchard and Cannon, are independent and individually adjustable to get a spray pattern very adapted to the size, width and height of the Plantation to be sprayed.