System HLV (High Low Volume)



  • Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+) 
  • Spray Mouths Fully Adjustable
  • Tangential Nozzles, front side: no mist recirculation.


The New TIFONE HLV spraying system is characterized by:


  • The total variability of the shape and section of the 2 large spraying mouths.
  • The Quick Easy Adjustment of spraying Angle, both low and upwards,
  • The easy adjustment of the spraying Power, upwards and laterally and,
  • The easy Adjustment of Absorbed Power, for the use with tractors of different power.


in fact, each of the 2 spraying Mouths permits maximum adjustability of:


  1. Low side of Spray angle: by adjustable baffles.
  2. High side of Spray angle: by adjustable baffles.
  3. Amplitude of the 2 mouths, on the Lower side: by micro-adjustable knobs.
  4. Amplitude of the 2 mouths, on the Upper side: by micro-adjustable knobs.
  5. Amplitude of the 2 spray mouths on the Centre: by both micro-adjustable knobs.


The Function of Variable Geometry makes possible the adjustment of the spraying power for any type of Plantation, with an infinite variability, for a Row spacing up to 8 meters and Height of trees up to 8 meters.

The Variable Geometry also allows an easy adjustment of the absorbed power, to save energy and for the use with tractors of different power.


The New TIFONE ULV-System is specific for spraying "Multivolume" because of its easy adjustment to HIGH, Medium and LOW Volume and provides:


  • Excellent uniformity of Distribution.
  • Maximum Symmetry Distribution in RH and LH.
  • Great spraying Power and Penetration and towards the Top of the trees.
  • Precise and clear definition of the angle of spraying, for a minimum dripping to ground and a Minimal air drift.
  • The uniformity and symmetry of Distribution allow a large reduction in the volume / hectare, with a savings of pesticides by 30% to 40% and more, according to attention of the operator.


The System HLV - Dielectric is ready for the TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) of Advanced Technology, granting:


  • A most comprehensive spray coverage, including the less exposed surfaces.
  • High reduction of spray mixture,
  • Drastic reduction of losses due to drift: Aerial, Lateral and to Ground,
  • with Great Savings of pesticide and time for less tank refilling, up to 50% ...
  • ...and more, depending on the attention of the operator.