Double "COMBI" BARBATELLE SPRAY HEADS Counter-rotating



  • Full Angular Adjustment, from the tractor.
  • Anti-Drift Nozzles.


The Double Spray Head BARBATELLE is composed of two heads type FLOWERS and a head type CANNON.


Peculiarity of the Double BARBATELLE Spray Head is the soft spraying also to the first rows nearby.


Suitable for treating Rooted vine Plantations, Flowers and other delicate crops in open field 'and in Greenhouse


The Double BARBATELLE Spray Head is available in 2 Versions: "XL" and "Super XV", with large spray range.


Spray range up to 17m or 20 m per side = 34 m or 40 m. totally


The Double BARBATELLE heads, Flowers and Cannon, are independently feed and are individually adjustable for height and width of the spray range as requested.


spraying with "wraparound" effect.


Important advantages of production:


  1. A Perfect Symmetric Distribution R = L
  2. Fast spraying speed with a Doubled Productivity.