• Full Angular Adjustment, from the tractor.
  • Anti-Drift Nozzles.

The Spray Heads "COMBI" DUAL consists of 2 Heads COMBI.


Each of the 2 Heads COMBI consisting of one Head Cannon + one Orchard Head.


That is 4 spray Heads in total, all independent and individually adjustable, and working in pair: a couple on the Left and a couple on the Right side of the row.


The Special Features of the COMBI DOUBLES are:


  • Power of spraying
  • The Total adjustability, allowing the adaptation of diversity in Plantations with different Row spacing,


Height and Width of the foliage of the trees.


Other important features of the Double COMBI DOUBLES Spray Heads are:


  • A Perfect Symmetric Distribution R = L
  • A Double spraying Power. 
  • A Double Working Speed.


The Double HEADS COMBI are suitable to spray the most varied types of Trees Plantations and various types of Row crops and shrubby, with the following performance:


  • TREES Plantation: Spacing up to 10 m and height up to 18 m.
  • ROW CROPS and Shrubby: as high as 1.5 m. Spray Range in width up to 15 m per side, for a total width of 30 m..