TORRE HYDRO 32"+ 32"



  • Two Propellers, Adjustable in 6 + 6 sec.
  • Symmetric Distribution, Right-Left.
  • Wide Top Deflectors. 
  • Anti-drift nozzles.


The TORRE HYDRO is composed of 2 TURBOFAN 32 +32 VERTICAL, totally independent.
And it is suitable to spray :


  • Bilateral spraying at NORMAL Speed: 
  • TALL TREES up to 7 m, with a row spacing up to 8 m
  • Bilateral spraying at DOUBLE Speed: 
  • TREES up to 6 m tall, with a row spacing up to 6 m.


Each of the 2 Turbofans is independently driven by its own hydraulic motor.
Equipped with a TIFONE Axial Propeller, where at Air Volume and Power Penetration are Adjustable in seconds.
Each of the 2 Turbofans can be set independently adjusted for the required power. in addition, you can enable:


  • The Lower Turbofan only,
  • The Upper Turbofan only, or
  • Both Turbofans together.