TURBOFAN AP Rear air intake



  • Propeller Adjustable 6 sec.
  • Symmetric Distribution, Right-Left.
  • Wide Top Deflectors. 
  • Anti-drift nozzles.
  • Tangential Nozzles, front side: no spray mist recirculation.


Turbofan-AP, Rear side air intake.


With TIFONE Variable Propeller, allowing to adjust Air Volume and Penetration Power in a few sec., on the field.


The TURBOFAN-AP are available in two versions: "XL" and "XV"-Super, much more powerful.


The Turbofan-AP is available in Diameters and Air Volumes as follows: 60 cm (= 24,000 cm / h), 70 cm (= 36,000 cm / h), 80 cm (= 66,000 m³ / h), 90 cm (= 74,000 m³ / h ), and 106 cm (= 88,000 m³ / h)


The Air sprayers VRP line are suitable for the spraying of the most various Trees Plantations: Vineyards and Orchards of any type, Nurseries, Greenhouses etc.