Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)


  • The Cannon Mouthpiece is RAISABLE up to 41 cm (Flexigun 50s), or up to 4 metres (Flexigun 65s). Thus allowing the spraying Vineyards, and other Plantations in different hill slopes, even In the Presence of poles and rods.
  • Equipped with a special mouthpiece with an additional output "Wide Angle", for the large angular extension of the spraying pattern for the rapid treatment of large surfaces.
  • Mouthpiece Cannon can be pointed in every direction: Vertically up to 200 °, Horizontally up to 300 ° and beyond.
  • Spray Control and Cannon Pointing, from remote push-button.
  • The RAISABLE FLEXIGUN CANNONS Long Range are suitable for spraying any type of Plantation, in the flat areas and in the hilly areas.


The RAISABLE Flexigun Cannons are prepared for the TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) High Polarisation System, also for Low Volume spraying for maximum efficacy and economy, with the Automatic Drift control.


  • A most comprehensive spray coverage, including the less exposed surfaces.
  • High reduction of spray mixture,
  • Drastic reduction of losses due to Drift and Dripping to ground
  • With Great Savings of pesticide and time for less tank refilling, up to 50% ...
  • ...and more, depending on the attention of the operator.