Citizen Crawler 175-200-250

  • Autonomous integral Unit Self prop Crawler.
  • Tank Capacity: 175 litres. With mech. Tank content meter.
  • Powerful Long Range Cannon: For Vector and Pest Control, the Environmental Sanitation interventions in Parks, Gardens and other areas not reached by other means. It does not damage the lawn and the soil.
  • Self loading - downloading from Pick-up.
  • Can accede to any terrain and isolated point. Can be fitted with front axle for lateral stability in any very uneven terrain.
  • Industrial Lombardini-KOHLER Engine, Petrol, 2-cyl., 38 Hp, air cooled.
  • Powerful Cannon Flexigun-38, Omni-directional total, Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Spray range up to 28 meters.
  • Autotensor - Antishock system for a play free Cannon pointing.
  • Impact-absorbing sliding clutch on the base of cannon mouthpiece.
  • Pressure Pump: TEA430, Viton = 40 l/min, 40 bar.
  • Pressure Telecontrol Exact, Constant Pressure.
  • Autofilter: The Continuous Automatic Self-cleaning Filter: spraying nozzles never clogged.
  • Full remote control from ergonomic push-button, Wireless. "full function".
  • Dimensions cm. 180 L, W 76, H 150. Empty, without accessories, kg. 485
Citizen Crawler 175