TURBOFAN AA Dielectric (E±S+) Ready



  • Propeller Adjustable 6 sec.
  • Symmetric Distribution, Right-Left
  • Wide Top Deflectors 
  • Anti-drift nozzles
  • Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)


Turbofan AA - Front side intake. Dielectric version.


  • The Turbofan AA-Front intake Dielectric, do not suck leaves and dust from the ground. 
  • Do not draw in the mist sprayed. 
  • Grants a clean spraying of leaves and fruits.
  • The Turbofan AA are equipped with the TIFONE Variable Propeller allowing to adjust the Air Volume and Penetration Power in a few seconds, on the field.

The Turbofan-AA Dielectric are available in Diameters and Air Volumes as follows: 60 cm (= 24,000 cm / h), 70 cm (= 36,000 cm / h), 80 cm (= 66,000 m³ / h), 90 cm (= 74,000 m³ / h).


The Turbofan-AA are suitable for the spraying of the most various Trees Plantations: Vineyards and Orchards of any type, Nurseries, Greenhouses etc.


The Turbofan-AA are ready for the TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) of Advanced Technology, granting:


  • A most comprehensive spray coverage, including the less exposed surfaces.
  • High reduction of spray mixture,
  • Drastic reduction of losses due to drift: Aerial, Lateral and to Ground,
  • with Great Savings of pesticide and time for less tank refilling, up to 50% ...
  • ...and more, depending on the attention of the operator.