DUAL FRUTTETO Spray HEADS Counter-Rotating



  • Full Angular Adjustment, from the tractor.
  • Anti-Drift Nozzles.


A TIFONE Original DOUBLE spraying assembly, consisting of 2 pairs of ORCHARD HEADS, Counter-rotating.


Each pair consisting of 2 Single ORCHARD HEADS.


The 2 pairs are counter-rotating, so the Power and Distribution are perfectly symmetrical, Right to Left.


A set of 4 ORCHARD HEADS, each independently powered and each independently adjustable.


The system offers the widest range of adjustment to suit the most diverse forms of Plantation, with different row spacing, trees height and width of the canopy. 


The DUAL FRUTTETO Spray HEADS Counter-rotating allows to spray:


  • Large Trees, up to 9 m high, as Both side spraying.
  • Large Trees, up to 16 m high, as Single side spraying. 
The DUAL FRUTTETO Spray HEADS Counter-rotating ensures great benefits:
  • A perfectly Symmetrical Distribution: R = L
  • A Double spraying Power.
  • A Double spraying Speed.