Thermal Fog Cart 7-20 (7hp - 20L)

Compact 4-wheel unit. Easy to load and unload and to move around, for a versatile comfortable Pest and Vector control.
  • KAMA Industrial Engine, 1-cyl., 6,7 HP, gasoline, air cooled.
  • Automatic protection for the engine: it will stop automatically when critical temperature or lack of oil. 
  • Thermal Fog Mixture tank 20 litres, PE. 
  • Thermal Fog Mixture consumption: 2x0,65=1,3 G/h (4,9) L/h 
  • Thermal Fog Émission autonomy: up to 9 hrs
The Thermal Fog Cart 7-20 allows 3 Modes of Thermal Fog intervention: 
  • Mode 1. Aerosol Thermal Fogging, by Hand flexi-hose, for Warehouses, Greenhouses, Sewers, etc.
  • Mode 2. Aerosol Thermal Fogging Cup, for forcing injection into sewer's manhole.
  • Mode 3. Free Fog Émission in closed areas or in the Environment.
Thermal Fog Cart 7-20 (7hp - 20L)