CANNON 65s Dielectric
(E±S+) Ready

  • Long spray range: up to 40 m or 50 m in Greenhouse.
  • It can spray any type of Row crops and Tallest trees
  • The CANNON 65s - Dielectric is prepared for the TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) High Polarisation System, for Low Volume spraying of maximum efficacy and economy, with the Automatic Drift control.
  • Featuring a separate "Spray Close" head for the soft spraying of smaller and delicate plants and leaves. The "Spray Close" head" is angle adjustable and automatic repositioning, Right and Left.
  • Adjustable elevation angle: Manual; With hydraulic cylinder, up to 90 °; With hydraulic motor, up to 200 ° and vice versa.
  • IMPORTANT: The version with hydraulic motor offers the great advantage of to be able of spraying always with the wind, with the maximum spray range.