City 460-DL-27 - Black Edition
(27hp - 460L)

  • With ANTI-DRIFT Technology:
Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)
ULV- Absolute (droplets spectrum up to VMD90)
  • Industrial Lombardini diesel Engine, 3-cyl. 27 Hp, water cooled.
  • Automatic protection for the engine: it will stop automatically when critical temperature or lack of oil.
  • Cannon Flexigun-27, Omni-directional pointing, Vertically and Horizontally.
  • With Wide spraying Mouthpiece, for a fast spraying of large surfaces: hedges, slopes, banks of canals, etc. With ON / OFF facility.
  • Impact absorbing clutch on the base of the cannon mouthpiece.
  • Spray range up to 20/25 meters, horizontally / vertically.
  • Autotensor - Antishock system for a play free Cannon pointing.
  • Feeding line and Power Cables: integrated, guided and protected.
  • PE tank 500 L, Green Algae, with a large mechanical content meter.
  • Pressure pump TEA-55 = 54 l / min, 0-40 bar, connecting rods in bronze, diaphragms in Viton. 
  • Super-regulating Telecontrol Exact, Constant Pressure.
  • Autofilter: Continuous Automatic Self-Cleaning Pressure Filter: Spray nozzles never clogged.
  • Fuel tank with electric gauge.
  • The machine is fixed on the pick-up or removed in 30 sec. 
  • All features: Engine start and stop, Gradual Engine acceleration-deceleration, ON / OFF spraying, Cannon Pointing horizontally and vertically, Headlight, automatic "back and forth" spraying, Electrostatic Charge, are controlled by an ergonomic push button, Wireless.
  • Dim. cm. L 147, 101-137, H 140. Empty, no accessories, kg. 398.
City 320 DL36 Black Edition