Some Exclusive Plus TIFONE

As not all of them are totally evident to be immediately appreciated at the first glance to a TIFONE Sprayer.
  • Therefore, we should invest some time and attention to discover them, and see their value, for the Utilizer.
  • To classify a TIFONE Sprayer as a different one, not just as a standard one.
  • And valuate Price to Value: Performace, Reliability, Comfort, Safety.

Plus 1 - A "World wide unique" Chassis, with a Round 1/4 spherical Bow

= Water container, and
= Front to back steel Keel (option)
= V€NTO, VECTOR, CHALLENGER and STORM Lines can ride very near the ground and freely slide on heavier mud.
= With that facility, they can enter and spray immediately after any heavy rain, without sinking 1 inch.
= The integrated Fresh Water Container, which will lower the centre of gravity as nobody else: Most positive in case of hillside spraying.
= This feature, combined with the possibility to ride very near the ground, will make the machine very stabile in the most critical condition, much more than any other.

Plus 2 - Pressure Adjust Regulator, integrating the Autofilter

The totally Automatic Continuous Self-flushing Pressure Filter.
= Autofilter is always clean and never producing any pressure drop to nozzles.
= Autofilter is never clogged so, never to be discharged.
= Competition still utilize standard pressure filters that they claim to be "self cleaning", but they accumulate all debris inside, so producing a progressive pressure drop to the nozzles (= Increase of pressure gap between the pump and nozzles). Those filters they have to be discharged, from time to time….
= A discharge generally made on the ground, which is illegal, to environment.

Plus 3 - “Large” Mechanical Content Meter. Very legible from tractor seat

= And efficient over the decades, not just over a week or two, like the see-through pipe.

Plus 4 - Instant Adjustable Propeller. The Key to a Best Spraying and Saving.

= Allowing to instantly adjust the Air Volume and Spray Power according to vegetation size at the moment.
+ And really minimize Mist Drift,
+ And really get Ground dripping to “zero”.
+ Propeller adjustment in just 6 sec. !

Plus 5 - Tangential Spray Nozzles AX-2. Unique World Wide.

= Placed outside the air discharge flow.
= For a almost “nil” Spray mist recirculation, against standard spray nozzles, still placed inside the air discharge flow.
= With AX-2 tangential nozzles, Spray mist cushion will be very continuous and uniform from the origin, from the nozzle tip already (A positive advantage in plantations with wide overhanging branches, to avoid negative "strip" spraying)

Plus 6 - Dosing Probe: A Useful Safety Device.

With some advantages:
1) Operator will never pre-mix Dust or Granulate Formulates in a bucket.
2) Operator will no longer (never) touch, nor inhale, Formulates.
3) Operator prevents any risk of Formulates dispersed around.
4) Operator will be certain of the complete total mixing of dosed Formulates.
5) As dosed Formulates are discharged in the fill port screen of the spray tank, and
6) Operator is seeing the process of their immediate total mixing.
7) Mixing will be "absolute" ...! No unmixed lumps!
8) Dosing will be quantity exact.
9) Operator will save time: Dosing will take just a few seconds.
Operator will work in a total Safety and Hygienic condition.

Plus 7 - Electrostatic Charge Plus (E±S+) TIFONE

For a wider most complete spray coverage.
1) New Plus as involving the full area of spray mist travel.
2) New Plus as totally active for the total spray pattern.
3) New Plus as with the instrument of control.

Plus 8 - TIFONE Chassis, spray fans and spray blower are “hot dip galvanized”

TIFONE Chassis, spray fans and spray blower are “hot dip galvanized” and rust-proof for decades. Not just painted, where even any mid shock can damage it and let start rust.

And a few others…

  • Plus 9 - Fully Dielectric Spray Towers, Electrostatic Ready.
  • Plus 10 - Dielectric Turbofan, Electrostatic Ready.
  • Plus 11 - “T” Cannon for spraying Cotton and similar full-area crops.
  • Plus 12 - Curved Flexigun, automatic “back and forth” spraying: Horizontal.
  • Plus 13 - Curved Flexigun, automatic “back and forth” spraying: Vertical.
  • Plus 14 - Cannon 65s, very longue spray range, Electrostatic Ready.
  • Plus 15 - Double Counter Rotating Spray Fans.
  • Plus 16 - Double Counter Rotating Spray Blowers.
  • Plus 17 - Biturbo 32”- 36”- 42”, Very powerful fully adjustable spray pattern. Electrostatic Ready.
  • Plus .. etc. …..more, in progress.

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