11 - The TIFONE Thermal Fog Aerosol Program

Thermal Fog Aerosol Program

The Thermal Fog Aerosol, TIFONE “Air Cannon Driven” Emission. The Thermal Fogging is useful for any Pest and Vector Control intervention, where active substances should be uniformly distributed, and even in recessed and inaccessible areas, and with any or Minimal residues.


The TIFONE Thermal Foggers are very Powerful, based on a Thermal Engine, Gasoline or diesel, generating a high Fog Aerosol Output Capacity.
The TIFONE exclusive Long Range Air Cannon Facility are allowing a positive, right to target, Emission and not just a casual random dispersion in the Environment.
TIFONE Thermal Foggers Aerosol do not damage the Active Formulates by heat, as the operating temperature is kept below the critical level, i.e. less than 170° Celsius.
The time period during which the Formulate remains in the hot gas stream is a fraction of a second.



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The TIFONE Spraying Cannon is working 5-modes:

Mode 1. The Cannon is launching a wetting "Spray Mist".

Mode 2. The Cannon is Launching "Spray Mist - ULV- Absolute".

Mode 3. The Cannon is Launching a dry "Thermal Fog-Aerosol".

Mode 4. Thermal Fog is free emitted in the Environment, for drift spreading and site saturation.

Mode 5. Through a special cup for the issue forced into the Sewer manholes or Warehouses.

The Long Range emissions 1.2.3. Modes are ensured by a powerful Long Range Air Cannon for targeted, intensive intervention over a distance up to 50 m.

Die Modelle der Linie Thermal Fog Aerosol

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